Check in on your student progress anytime, anywhere.

For Aeries SIS districts, Mobile Portal puts student data in the palm of your hand. View grades, attendance, contact and demographic information for your student, all on the go.

Real-time access to the information that matters
Clear student accountability was never this easy

As soon as a teacher publishes grades to Aeries or enters attendance information, it is available to you. Real-time access means no more waiting on report cards to measure student performance.

Log in with your Aeries account, or create it in-app

Parents and students log in with the Aeries portal accounts they've already been provided, making it a breeze to get started. Accounts can also be easily created with our streamlined registration flow.

Class summary and details

Now you can celebrate that A+ as soon as the assignment is graded in Aeries! Clear, detailed and beautiful gradebook assignment readouts are always at your fingertips.

Attendance information with absences and tardies

Parents and guardians get a birds-eye view of any absences or tardies on their student's record, helping them stay informed and maximize student success.

Aeries Communications keeps you in the loop

Access the platform that faciliates simple and easy communication across classrooms, schools and districts. If your district has Aeries Communications enabled, you can access it directly through the Mobile Portal app!