Start managing financial transactions in Aeries

For schools managing fees, fines, district assets, and tuition in Aeries SIS, Aeries Financials provides an effortless way to offer online payment options through the parent and student portals – integrated and ready to go. The power of donation management allows parents and students to crowdfund any educational cost from within the Student Portal.

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Online transations
Process transactions / payments online for fees, fines, & assets
School & program tuition
Accept online tuition payments for private & charter schools or summer school
Online fundraising
Allow parents, students and teachers to launch crowdfunding campaigns

The solution to your district's financial chaos

An integrated
financial system
An easy-to-use
fundraising platform
A premium add-on powered byedbacker

Financial system

Directly integrated

In the past, Aeries districts have had to manage payments and associated information in other 3rd-party systems.

With Aeries Financials, it's all in one place - your SIS.

Safe and secure payments

The Aeries Financials platform offers a safe transaction system that securely accepts debit and credit cards.

That means students and parents can pay with ease and peace of mind.

Avoid clunky 3rd-party products

As an Aeries product, Financials is already built into Aeries SIS.

Once you work with our team to enable it, you can start accepting online payments through the student / parent portals right away.


Track fees, set up payment schedules, and keep a running balance

Aeries Financials lets you manage fee transactions, process payments, start fundraising campaigns on behalf of students, and create monthly payment schedules, all within the SIS you already use.

Fundraising system

Complete district and stakeholder oversight

With fundraising becoming more and more necessary, unapproved online fundraisers can present a liability - both financially and in terms of public perception.

Aeries Financials puts the power back in the district's hands.

Lowest transactional fees

Other solutions, in addition to lacking oversight and approval options, tend to take a disproportionately large cut of campaign funds.

Fundraising in Aeries Financials offers the lowest transactional fees of any platform of its kind.

Empower students to crowdfund costs

Not only can students pay their fees online with Aeries Financials, but they can also easily create a campaign to source the necessary funds from friends and relatives.


No more crowdfunding campaigns happening on sites your district has no control over

You control the fundraising environment for your district, including options like mandating principal approval for each campaign.

Increased fundraising coordination means less overlap, liability and donor confusion.

Manage financials in Aeries SIS!

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