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Spring 2017 Aeries Users’ Conference

Click on this link Online Conference Registration to visit the Online Conference Registration page, which is now open!

The Conference Schedule has been reworked to make better use of all attendees’ valuable time. Monday will now feature five sessions instead of four! Tuesday will let out a bit earlier, but still features four full sessions.

A special Sunday Preview Day has been added, which will grant attendees early access to one-on-one Q&A in the Open Forum, earn them a free giveaway item, and preview some notable and new sessions during the conference.

Finally, Specialty Tracks have been added that will guarantee a schedule free of conflicts for your role, even if you only come for Monday of the conference! Look for the track when signing up for courses for teachers, scheduling, or if you are new to Aeries.


Aeries Software’s 2016/2017 Winter Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dec. 19 – 23 Open Open Open Open Closed
Dec. 26, 2016 –
Jan. 2, 2017
Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed

Our office will resume normal business hours from 7:30AM to 4:30PM on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.

Upcoming Holidays

• Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday – Monday, January 16th, 2017

• President’s Day – Monday, February 20th, 2017

• Memorial Day – Monday, May 29th, 2017

• Independence Day – Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Register for workshops online!

The current schedule of Aeries workshops is available on our website at Aeries Workshops & Events. Student Scheduling regional workshops are offered throughout California January – March 2017. As the school year winds down in April and May, keep an eye out for the CALPADS EOY and New Year Cycle workshops.

There are also several free Aeries Maximizing workshops that are being planned for Winter/Spring 2017 throughout the state, including at:

• Redding/Shasta County – January 18, 2017
• Solano County – March 22, 2017
• Placer County – March 29, 2017
• Pasadena – TBD
• Santa Clara County – TBD
• Contra Costa County – TBD
• Kern County – TBD
• Fresno County – TBD
• Butte County – TBD


Catch up on recent blogs!

To stay up-to-date on all of the most important Aeries information, be sure to regularly check out our blogs posted on our website, or even subscribe to the RSS feed. In case you missed them, here are our most recent articles:

District Resources & Assets

The Enhanced District Student Lookup – Copy One & More

Report Card History

2017 Spring Users’ Conference

Get faster support: your 3-item checklist

When you contact the Aeries support team for help, having the right information on hand can enable us to serve you much faster. Be sure you always include these items when contacting support:

• Your name
• Your district
• Your phone number (and extension, if you have one)

Please use the support@aeries.com email for Support related issues only. Freshdesk tickets are created automatically for all emails sent to support@aeries.com. If sending an email directly to a Support Rep, please also put support@aeries.com on the TO: line and Reps name on the CC: line of the email.

CALPADS Information

As Aeries continues to support districts with CALPADS reporting, a document is available on the website that will assist with CALPADS Fall 2 reporting. The document provides information on the files required (SDEM, SASS, CRSE and SCSE) for Fall 2 reporting and is available at the following link:


Upcoming CALPADS Changes

The following enhancements will be implemented in Aeries in the near future:
• CALPADS Extracts in the Web - SSID Requests and Imports available now. Other functionalities will be coming soon.
• Attendance (STAS) extract that will be required for the End of Year reporting
• Calculation and collection of Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and Seal of Biliteracy for graduates that will be included in the SENR file.

Documentation will also be updated to detail these changes.

CALPADS Attendance Reporting

Due to the new CALPADS Attendance (STAS) extract that is required for the 2016-2017 End of Year (EOY) reporting, it is important that districts review their codes for accurate reporting. A document has been created to assist districts with setting up and maintaining their absence codes. As we learn more about the CALPADS Attendance (STAS) extract, we may be making adjustments to the Absence Code and Attendance History tables in the future. Please refer to the document below for more information: Absence_Codes.pdf

New features

Transfer Sections/Gradebooks - The ability to transfer sections and gradebooks from one teacher to another is available to Admins and Users with the appropriate permissions. Transfer options are available on the Teachers page that will allow the entire gradebook to be transferred to a new teacher. More information is available on the new feature at the following link: Gradebook_Admin_Function.pdf

Report Card History - Each grading period the report cards generated for all students will be stored in the Aeries database and will be able to be retrieved at any time by anyone given permission, including parents and students. This will allow quick access to report cards from previous terms, years, and schools.

Processing Dashboards - Several processing dashboards have been added to Aeries that include all the forms and reports needed for that area. These dashboards allow users to easily navigate to the forms and reports within the one area. The new dashboards available are the Attendance Process Dashboard, Scheduling Dashboard, Grade Reporting and Standard Based Grades Reporting.

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness data collection is an underutilized gem. There is no need to go to an outside source for the data collection process. Many current Aeries Districts has saved significant dollars by collecting the data through Aeries. Data can be entered either by a staff person at a school site, or entered by the teachers through the Teacher Portal during a scheduled window of time. The Physical Fitness entry by teacher comes fully enabled for all Aeries users at no extra cost, and the Physical Fitness data entry form is color coded and easy to use. Currently, you will need at least one computer in the District Office that runs the Client Version of our software to create the PFT export file that must be submitted to the state’s Physical Fitness Test Contractor (SJCOE) where the raw scores will be processed to determine the individual test part pass/no pass statuses and overall Physical Fitness Status. Once the contractor has processed the data they will create a Physical Fitness data file complete with the status values that can be imported into Aeries and used to create Physical Fitness letters, determine class schedules, and produce other reports.

Below are links to a couple of documents for your review.



You can get a first-hand view of the Physical Fitness screens by logging into our Demo site as either an Admin or as a teacher. When logged in as an Elementary teacher use the “PRETST” testing administration, when logged in as a High School Teacher select the “PD 5 Y – PE 9 (5212)” in the Classes dropdown and select the “PRETST” Testing Administration. The demo data is refreshed nightly, so feel free to add test scores and change test settings.

Mid-year scheduling changes

Please click the link below to view our Freshdesk Knowledgebase entry that covers the steps to set up Mid-Year Scheduling in Student Scheduling (SSS/SMS): https://support.aeries.com/solution/articles/14000050553-scheduling-mid-year-creating-sms

Also, several videos have been added under the Scheduling category, including content on the Mid-Year Scheduling process: http://www.aeries.com/Training-Support/support-videos

Aeries' best-in-class support gets better

Aeries Support continues to expand the Aeries Freshdesk Solutions Knowledgebase. Please check it out at the link below; it’s going to be a great place to get a quick answer to your Support questions. Also, check out the Aeries Community Forums, where we will post “Heads Up” type news for upcoming changes and known issues that are being worked on.


Civil Rights

The Civil Rights Data Collection Options form has been modified to accommodate the requirements for the 2015-16 report. Below are some of the changes for the 2015-16 reporting:

• Added the Courses Taught by Certified Teachers tab to Part 1 to help calculate the Highly Qualified Teachers counts.

• Added the Restraint/Seclusion tab to Part 2 which uses the Behavioral Emergency (BER) table to produce counts of restraint. and seclusion incidences. The Behavioral Emergency screen can be found under Guidance in Aeries Web. The records can only be Added/Updated in Web Version.

• Fall and Spring end dates have been added to the Code Locations / Dates tab. These dates are used by Tables 16, 18, and 22 (Part 1).

The Civil Rights Data Collection Options form is available from the District version of Aeries Client. The data required for calculating this report is stored in the 2015-16 database.

CAASPP Alternate Assessment Data Import

Aeries Client Version has been recently updated to accommodate the new test part descriptions, score levels and test exclusion codes for the CAA test results. Aeries Web has also been updated to include support for the new test exclusion codes when importing the CAA test results. Please be sure to update to the 12/9/2016 version of Aeries Client and Web before importing the CAA test results.

The CAA results are now included in the comprehensive 2015-16 CAASPP Student Data File available on TOMS site and can be imported via the Aeries Web Version Import Test Result Files screen using the CAASPP Test Results 0 SY 2015-16 layout . The below Information about where to find the 2015-16 CAASPP Data Files on the TOMS site was shared by one of our users:

• Login to TOMS


• Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to Student Results Report - Student Score Data Extract

• Choose Organization and Year

• Download the zip

• Extract the data file

• Import the test results into the Web Import Test Results screen

Need for Aeries Training

Start the year off right!

Do you have a new staff member or simply want to maximize Aeries Software knowledge for your current staff?

Start the year off right with training on Aeries Basic Overview, Master Scheduling Training, Attendance, or CALPADS! Did you know that we offer training on over 20 Aeries courses? Visit http://www.aeries.com/training for information on all of the courses we offer.

Please contact Jonathan Cotton for any scheduling needs at (888) 487-7555 or via email at jonathan@aeries.com

Staff changes

New Hires

Matthew Sajdera - joins us as an experienced developer with an extensive background, including at KBS Capital Markets Group, The Irvine Company, New Century Mortgage, and as a Consultant.

David Clark – takes over as the new Creative Director for Aeries Software. David joins us after his most recent position as Director of Marketing at ProBoards. He comes with a background in digital marketing and design, including front-end development and a focus on UI/UX

Lauren LaRose - Lauren comes to Aeries with an array of experience in customer service and support, software application support, SQL, and much more. She most recently worked for Certica Solutions, where she was a Client Services/SaaS Application Support Specialist. Lauren will start at Aeries as a 2nd Level Support Representative in late October.

Visit the Aeries team at upcoming conferences!

Aeries invites you to visit our team at the following 2017 conferences:

• Aeries Spring 2017 Users’ Conference, March 6th - 7th, Ontario
• CUE, March 15th - 18th, Palm Springs (Aeries is offering specific sessions for teachers)
• CCSC, March 20th-23rd, Sacramento
• CASBO, April 12th - 15th, Long Beach
• ISTE, June 25th – 28th, San Antonio
• Aeries Fall 2017 Users’ Conference, October 9th - 10th, Sacramento
• CETPA, November 14th - 17th, Pasadena
• CSBA, November 30th – December 2nd, San Diego